Mon:         3:00 PM​
Tue:       9:00 AM
Tue:       5:30 PM
      11:00 AM
 10:00 AM
Sat:      10:00 AM

Tue:    4:00​​​​​​​​ PM
Fri:      4:30 PM

Mon: 10:00​ AM
Tue:      11:00 AM
Wed:   9:00 AM
Wed: 12:00 PM
Thu:  11:00 AM
Fri:          9:00 AM
Sat:        9:00 AM

Mon:        9:00​ AM
Sat:   12:30 PM

Mon: 11:00 AM​​​​​​​​​
Tue:      10:00 AM
Tue:         6:30 PM
Wed: 10:00 AM
Thu:        9:00 AM
Thu:        6:00 PM
Fri:        10:00 AM
Fri:           3:30 PM
Sat:      11:00 AM

Year One:
Thu:      4:00 PM
Sat:       4:00 PM

Year Two:
​Mon:     4:15 PM

His blanket become a superhero’s cape…A cardboard box doubles as her magic castle…kitchen chairs line up like a train…Sound like someone you know? In our Level 4 classroom we are as captivated by your preschooler’s creative spirit as you are and we’ve developed a drop-off class experience designed to tap directly into the power of their imagination. And now, together you can discover just how far a little imagination and a lot of music can go!
Using a small-group approach to music education, Kindermusik® for the Young Child (Level 5) provides a pressure-free class where your child can develop a strong musical foundation by learning the concepts, language, notation, and vocabulary of music and its greatest composers.  The program is designed to teach music history, music theory and introduce children to all the instruments of the orchestra. It also gives exposure to music from around the world. Graduates are then ready to take on private instruction.
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