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We understand that these are difficult times for everyone - especially little ones who don't understand the disruption to their routines. We've always been commited to connecting families through music. Music has the power to not only soothe but also bring great joy! That is why we now host all our Kindermusik classes virtually via Zoom.

If you're feeling stuck while at home, please consider joining our virtual studio for a music and movement class that's sure to bring smiles.

All our class levels have 4 meeting times per week - morning, evening and weekend. You are welcome to attend all of them to help you through the long hours at home. If you have questions about enrolling and other benefits of membership, call 602-446-8745
"Thank you so much for providing your classes via Zoom! We tried it out today and loved it. It was the next best thing to actually coming to the studio. I found it helpful that you told us what we would need before class and that we were able to have a full and creative class even without all of the instruments you usually provide. This definitely helped break up our day at home with my babies!"  3/24/2020 - Stephanie R.
Drawing families together through the power of music...
Age 0 - 15 mo.
Age 1 - 2
Age 2 - 3
"I love our teacher, I love the curriculum and I love introducing Kindermusik to others!"
"This class is just as much for me as for my baby. I love meeting the other parents. I especially love after a busy week having the special hour each week put aside just to focus on playing with the baby."

Age 0 - 15 mo.​

Tue:        12:00 PM
Wed:      5:30 PM
Thu:     10:00 AM
Sat:      10:00 AM

In a Kindermusik® Foundations class, we provide a unique blend of musical learning activities that stimulate and engage all of baby's senses. We will teach you how to encourage your baby’s learning through vocal play, object exploration, instruments, and creative movement.

45 min. class

Tuition & Enrollment
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"I would recommend this class because I see how much my child enjoys it.
The class is very interactive and keeps my child engaged."

Age 1 - 2 years​​

Tue:                9:00 AM
Tue:              6:00 PM
Thu:          11:00 AM
Sat:              9:00 AM

In a Kindermusik® Level 1 class, we enjoy exercises to assist toddler’s brain development; movement activities to build gross motor skills; vocal play to develop speaking and singing voices; and age-appropriate instrument exploration. We strive to equip parents as the most important teachers of their children.

45 min. class

Tuition & Enrollment
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​​"The interaction of my daughter with other children in a musical environment has helped her grow and learn!
​She looks forward to the class each week and I am amazed by all she's learned!"

Age 2 - 3 years​​​​​

Tue:        11:00 AM
Thu:          9:00 AM
        6:00 PM
Sat:         11:00 AM

Level Two is a class attended by older toddlers with their caregiver and allows the adult to interact and learn alongside their child in an unhurried and joyful manner. There are magical moments of connection and an opportunity for social engagement with other children while working on confidence, self-control and communications skills.

45 min. class​​​

Tuition & Enrollment
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"My son has loved Kindermusik from his very first class! He gets excited to attend class each week.  
We have seen him learn so much from his teacher and the amazing curriculum.  
And as parents, we found new ways to teach our child at home.  
Kindermusik was a pleasant surprise in every way for us as parents."

Multi-age class

Tue:       10:00 AM
      7:00 PM
Thu:      12:00 PM
​Sat:    12:00 PM

In Level 3, we combine your preschooler’s natural love of music, storytelling, and imaginative play with age-appropriate activities that introduce early music concepts and foster independence, social and emotional skills, language growth, and self-control.  Caregivers still attend class but are preparing their children for the school program when they will attend on their own.

45 min. class​​​​

Tuition & Enrollment
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